Dr Polly – Training Software

A great training experience isn’t one-size-fits-all.  Sticking students in front of the typical training software only serves to bore them with information they already understand, isn’t specific to their roles, and doesn’t help your company.  As soon as your training loses the student’s interest, your training dollars are being wasted.  Our training software, Dr Polly, makes sure that doesn’t happen!  By designing a program that is flexible to the individual student our system allows your team to get the most value from their training experience.

Training is an essential part of business, but students often resist learning new skills due to the time commitment or previous bad experiences.  What students need are training courses that are personalized to them, their goals, and the needs of their role, without all the fluff.  That’s where Dr Polly comes in.  Through a combination of industry best-practices combined with our own customized training software, we can offer your students courses that are unique to them.

Every student that takes a course with Dr Polly is different, and Dr Polly trains them that way.  Dr Polly is designed to learn about the student as they go through the course, tailoring the course content to their strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  It then take that information and compare it with data from users in similar jobs and similar industries, and use it to give your students the very best training experience available, completely personalized to them.  The courses are unique, more engaging, and no two participants have the same learning experience!